Shapes Spanish Words – Learn Spanish Words about Shapes

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Here’s a list of some common Shapes Spanish Words:

Arco – Arch Círculo – Circle
Cubo – Cube Diamante – Diamond
Hexágono – Hexagon Octágono – Octagon
Pentágono – Pentagon Pirámide – Pyramid
Punto – Point Rectángulo – Rectangle
Semicírculo – Semicircle Espiral  Spiral
Cuadro – Square Estrella – Star
Triángulo – Triangle

Have you practiced making sentences with all of the shape vocabulary that you have learned in the list above?

Don’t forget to use the accents to guide your pronunciation and where you place emphasis – there are many accents included in the shape words in Spanish.

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Spanish shape words & phrases

Tengo una escultura de madera con forma de calavera.

I have a wooden sculpture with the shape of a skull.

A veces son figuras geométricas decoradas con conos a los lados.

Sometimes they are geometric shapes decorated with cones on the sides.

Shapes Spanish Words

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