Top Spanish Verbs – The 25 Must-Know Spanish Verbs


top Spanish verbsLearn top Spanish verbs easily with a short video lesson.

In your home country, there are some phrases that are so common you use them or hear them every day.

The same is true in Spain too, so why not give your European Spanish an instant boost by learning them in this video lesson?

With Rosa’s help, you’ll be sounding like a native European Spanish speaker in no time! In this lesson, you’ll learn the top 25 verbs that are used every day in Spain.

Top Spanish Verbs and Their Meaning

1           ser                   to be (essential/permanent quality)

2          haber             to have (to do something, auxiliary verb)

3          estar               to be (health, location, state)

4          tener               to have

5          hacer             to do, make

6          poder             to be able, can

7          decir               to say, tell

8          ir                     to go

9          ver                  to see

10         dar                  to give

11          saber               to know (information)

12         querer            to want, love

13         llegar             to arrive, come, reach

14         pasar               to pass, to spend (time), to happen

15         deber              to owe, must, should, ought to

16         poner             to put, place, set

17         parecer           to seem, appear

18         quedar            to stay, remain

19         creer               to believe

20        hablar             to speak

21         llevar             to carry, bring

22        dejar               to leave, abandon, to let, allow

23        seguir             to follow, continue

24        encontrar       to find, encounter

25        llamar             to call, to name

The Present Progressive Tense of  Spanish Verbs 

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