Most Common Spanish Words to Say “My Deepest Condolences”…

most common Spanish wordsWhat are the most common Spanish words to say when someone dies?

I know this is not the most pleasant topic to talk about, but a time may come when you need to know how to express condolences in Spanish. In fact, I once received an email from a customer who wrote:

“Hola Patrick,
My next door neighbor’s grandfather passed away last night. My next door neighbor and his family are from Mexico and they know that I am trying to learn Spanish so we always only speak to each other in Spanish. How would I say ‘accept my condolences’in Spanish? I have a ton of learning-Spanish books but not one of them teaches this useful phrase.”

Most Common Spanish Words to say “Accept My Condolences…”

There are a couple of ways to say “accept my condolences” in Spanish if speaking directly to the person who suffered the loss in his or her family.  You can say:

Mi más sentido pésame.
Accept my condolences.
(Not a literal translation but close enough.)

“Mi más sentido pésame” sounds somewhat formal. If you prefer to sound a little less formal you can just say:

Lo siento mucho.
I am very sorry.
(Literally, “I feel it a lot.”)

If you are not speaking directly to the person who suffered the loss in his or her family and want to say “give him/her my condolences” you can say:

Dale mi más sentido pésame.
Dale mis condolencias.

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This Spanish lesson about some Most Common Spanish Word to Express Condolences is courtesy of  Patrick Jackson – LearningSpanishLikeCrazy