Learn These Basic Spanish Words to Avoid Bad Mistakes

Learn here some basic Spanish words and their use to avoid bad mistakes when you speak the Spanish language in South America.

basic Spanish words


A few weeks ago, I finally got around  to taking my Salsa classes again here in Medellin, Colombia. There is  an American in my Salsa class.  I have heard him make several mistakes in  Spanish. I won’t say his name because he  told me that he has subscribed to my email  list.

Here are some of the mistakes that I  have heard him make:

1. Using “viejo” when he should use “mayor.”

Error: Mi hermano más viejo baila bien.

Corrección: Mi hermano mayor baila bien. (My older brother dances well.)

2. Using “joven” when he should use “menor.”

Error: Mi hermana más joven es doctora.

Corrección: Mi hermana menor es doctora. My younger sister is a doctor.

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Patrick Jackson – LearningSpanishLikeCrazy

3. Using “moverse” when he should use “mudarse.”

Error: Ella va a moverse este fin de semana.

Corrección: Ella va a mudarse este fin de semana. (She is going to move this weekend.)

If you are going to say “to move” as in  “to move” one’s home, house, apartment,  etc.”, then you must use the verb “mudarse.”

“Moverse” is used when you are talking  about the change of one’s body position  from one position to another.

Mientras dormimos nos movemos muchas  veces sin darnos cuenta.

(While we are  sleeping we move many times without  realizing it.)

4. Using “moverse” when he should use “correrse.”

Error: Muévete por favor. Quiero sentarme.

Corrección: Córrete por favor. Quiero sentarme. (Move over please. I want to sit down)

“Correrse” means “to move over.”  And “¡muévete!” means “get moving!”

A propósito (by the way), if you are  playing a game of “ajedrez” (chess)  or “damas” (checkers) and you want  to say “your move” then you could say:

Tú mueves.You could also say “te toca” (your turn)  or “tu turno” (your turn).

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