Basic Spanish Phrases & Words: Bet you don’t know these 3 Spanish expressions!

basic Spanish phrasesAre you ready to learn some basic Spanish phrases? OK!

I am still in central Florida assisting a “tía” (aunt) move into an “hogar de ancianos” (retirement home). I can’t wait to get back home to Colombia. Extraño Medellín mucho (I miss Medellin a lot).

Today, I called an “amiga” in Colombia to see if I could send her some money to go pay my utilities so that they don’t cut them off before I return. (I have found paying bills online in Latin America to be somewhat complicated compared to paying bills online in the States).

This Lesson  about Some Basic Spanish Phrases is courtesy of  Patrick Jackson – LearningSpanishLikeCrazy

When I called my “amiga” about paying the utilities, I noticed that I used 3 words that I did not learn when I was studying Spanish and still living in the States. But I learned these words after relocating to Latin America — and I find them to be very useful:

1. Anotar – jot down, write down quickly

Déjeme anotar su dirección y su número de teléfono y yo la contactaré tan pronto como me sea posible.

Let me jot down her address and phone number and I will contact her as soon as I can.

2. Giro – bank transfer, Western Union transfer, Money Gram transfer, etc.

Te enviaré el giro mañana.
I will send you the bank transfer tomorrow.

3. Servicios públicos – Utilities (or just “servicios” for short) “Servicios públicos” literally means public services.

Te van a cortar los servicios.
They are going to cut-off your utilities.

More Basic Spanish Phrases & Words for Talking about the Bank

el banco – the bank
los ahorros – the savings
el billete – bill
los billetes grandes – large bills
la caja – the cash desk
el cajero – the cashier
el cajero automático – the ATM machine
cambiar – exchange
el cheque – the check
el cheque de viajero – travelers cheque
el código SWIFT – the Swift code
la cuenta – the account
la cuenta bancaria – the bank account
la cuenta de ahorros – the savings account
el débito – the debit
el depósito – the deposit
la deuda – the debt
el dinero – the money
en efectivo – cash
las monedas – the coins
el préstamo – the loan
la tarjeta de crédito – the credit card
la ventanilla – the cashier’s window

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